Installation and Service Pricing

Our service is totally unlimited and we currently offer 3 residential packages detailed below. We also provide business connections with a service level agreement option based on specific needs.

20Mbps download / 2.5Mbps upload – £36 per month inc VAT
30Mbps download / 5Mbps upload – £48 per month inc VAT
50Mbps download / 10Mbps upload – £66 per month inc VAT

Standard installation is £240 inc VAT and covers installation of a external receiver and running an ethernet cable into the house to a router all supplied by ourselves. Standard installation includes a receiver sized depending on distance from our broadcast site and a standard 2.4Ghz router with fair internal WIFI coverage capabilities. Higher spec routers are available including 5Ghz AC capabilties and more gigabit ethernet ports for additional cost.

We will endeavour to locate the router in the best position for internal coverage but there is no guarantee of full coverage as this depends on the design and construction of the building. During a survey we can give you recommendations of ways to extend coverage if necessary and any works agreed upon by yourselves would be additionally billed. You would of course be quoted for this first.

Standard installation assumes that there are 2 power sockets available at the router location. Any electrical works to assist in the installation would also be quoted and billed separately.