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Ordering our service:

Please contact us using the form below to request our service, providing your full address and using the interactive map please place a marker on your property. You can do this by clicking on the teardrop shaped icon at the top right hand side of the map, and then clicking on the map. Don’t worry if you place the marker incorrectly at first, you can pick it up and move it. If you have multiple properties, you can add up to 5 markers.

If you need to manipulate the map between placing multiple markers please click on the hand at the top right of the map to save putting down accidental markers. If you do place too many, you can click on Reset Drawing to start again.

You can drag the map around with your mouse and zoom in and out with the mouse wheel or pinching on a mobile device.

Depending on your location, we may be able to confirm your signal via our software. If not, we will arrange to visit and carry out an on-site survey at an appropriate time. Once we have confirmed that you can receive our service we can arrange a suitable time for installation and get you online.

Standard installation is £300, including all hardware. A Better Broadband Voucher Scheme subsidy may be available to reduce this cost for those eligible for a voucher.

Our service is £30 per month for 20Mpbs download/2.5Mbps upload with no data caps.