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How It Works

Your current broadband provision via BT uses the copper phone network to connect your router to the internet. Due to the nature of the cables and technology, this is very distance dependent and in rural areas results in poor speeds.

Our service is delivered, not by cables, but over the air using wireless technology. This means that we can deliver faster speeds, consistently, over longer distances. We use broadcast antennas similar in shape to mobile phone masts to send our signal out and on the side of your property we mount a small (36cm wide) antenna in a similar fashion to a Sky satellite dish, pointing towards our broadcast site. A cable then runs into your house and connects to your router to allow you access to the internet.

Unlike satellite broadband, our service is not affected by weather conditions and does not suffer from the delays associated with satellite communications, however we do need line of site from your property to either one of our broadcast sites or to a nearby relay site.