WiFi Scotland are in the process of installing Ultra Fast, Ultra Reliable Full Fibre Broadband in Burghead.

What is it?

Simple – Full Fibre broadband is the Gold Standard for internet connectivity. Rather than using old, outdated copper cables that lose speed with distance and are prone to faults we’ll be using a Fibre Optic cable which transmits information as pulses of light into your home.

This means no slow-downs for people who live far away from the nearest cabinet and much higher speeds available. How high? Our full fibre packages go up to a colossal 900Mbps – that’s over ten times faster than the fastest connection available on copper cables (80Mbps).

What will this let me do?

The simple answer is: anything online. Our Full Fibre technology allows every member of your home to get online and stay online. Full Fibre connections carry so much data that the whole house can be online at once with virtually no slow-downs. One person can be on a live HD Video Call while someone else is streaming 4K Netflix and another is downloading an Xbox game, all at the same time.

Typical copper broadband around Burghead comes in at around 40Mbps meaning that downloading a 50GB video game will take almost four hours to complete.

Our Full Fibre broadband goes all the way to 900Mbps so that same 590GB game can be downloaded in as little as 9 minutes.

Sounds great! But is it expensive?

Not at all!

All our Full Fibre packages come with free standard installation in your home, a state of the art Wireless Router and no hidden costs or sneaky price rises. We have four simple packages to chose from and you can change your package at any time.

All our packages are symmetric – this means that the download and upload speeds are the same (not many providers offer this!).

  • 150Mbps – £36/month
  • 300Mbps – £42/month
  • 600Mbps – £50/month
  • 900Mbps – £60/month

Our contracts are a simple 18 month term and we don’t increase your price or automatically roll you over to a new contract at the end of your initial term.

What will the build process entail?

Most of the build process will be non-intrusive – you will see our engineers working in underground chambers or on telegraph poles around the village to install the fibre-optic cable. Unfortunately there are a couple of points where we will need to use traffic lights to safely access certain chambers however we will aim to keep these in place for as short a time as possible.

We will also potentially require to install some new telegraph poles around the village. This is because there are areas where the existing cabling is buried directly in the ground so to avoid expensive and disruptive roadworks we intent to use new telegraph poles to connect up these areas.

We know new poles can divide opinion in some areas so before we install the poles we will put notices up highlighting where we intent to put them and update the village on social media.

Sounds great, how do I pre-order?

Easy! Simply complete the form below and our team will add you to the installs list. When we are ready to get you connected up we will get in touch to arrange a suitable install date.